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“The most beloved of people to Allah are the most beneficial for people.”

With these simple-structured yet greatly meaningful words Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, started a long Hadith about helping others and meeting their needs.

Anas ؏, narrated: “We were with the Prophet ﷺ, on a journey. Some of us were fasting while others were not. We stopped to rest on a hot day. Those who were fasting could not move and those who were not fasting got up, set up tents and gave water to riding animals. The Messenger of Allah ﷺ, said, ‘Those who are not fasting have gotten the reward today.’” Indeed, those who were not fasting got more reward than those who were fasting by volunteering to help their brothers, because Islam encourages societal participation and doing good deeds for the pleasure of Allah, whose benefits extend to others and increases faith in people’s hearts.

About Us

In our project, we need you to volunteer by effort, knowledge and a few hours of your day whether you are in the east or the west, as our work is performed through social media, which eliminate distances and unifies efforts to make accomplishments serving Muslims around the world. We are attempting to create happier and more cohesive Muslim communities. Be one of thousands of Muslim volunteers around the world, we need your support.

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Based on your area of specialization and expertise, you can contribute through a number of volunteer hours to perform a certain task.

All you need is a computer and an Internet connection.

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You can cross thousands of miles and build bridges of giving

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